Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Powerhouse is an initiative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and will be developed as a youth community hub for young people interested in social action, creativity, self-employment, sharing ideas, advocacy, leadership, etc.    

You can easily join this platform by filling the form on the registration page of the Youth Powerhouse website.

Any Bangladeshi youth between the age of 18 to 35 can join this platform.

No formal educational qualifications are required to join this platform.

Youth Powerhouse will not provide any kind of training on the platform. However, it can help you coordinate with the various training activities under the Ministry of Youth and Sports as per your wishes and preferences. The Youth Powerhouse Platform will also conduct a variety of category-based activities that will help you develop your skills and career.

  • Youth Powerhouse is the largest youth platform in Bangladesh
  • Networking opportunities with a large number of young people.
  • Opportunity to join network/club according to your interest and preference.
  • Skill development opportunity by participating in various types of events organized by the club.
  • Opportunity to enrich the knowledge of the relevant subject through discussion and exchange of information in their respective networks/clubs.
  • Opportunity to stay updated and participate in events/topics according to interests and preferences.