Bangladesh currently has a youth population of more than 53 million who constitute more than one-third of the total population of the country. As a country with a high ratio of youth, Bangladesh is going through a golden time when the power of youth can be used to build and develop the nation. A strong young generation can change the world for better. It is the duty of everyone to ensure the right growth of the youth and positive implementation of the power they possess.  

Youth Powerhouse is an initiative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and will be developed as a youth community hub for young people interested in social action, creativity, self-employment, sharing ideas, advocacy, leadership, etc.    


  • Training Facilitation
  • Skill Development
  • Youth Network development
  • Self-Employment development
  • Poverty reduction


Motivating, Uniting, and Mobilizing the Power of Youth Towards Prosperity of Bangladesh


A developed Bangladesh under the leadership of the youth power


Developing a skilled and productive generation free from terrorism, militancy, and drugs through training facilitation, networking, and patronizing youth-centric activities.