We are the Youth Powerhouse

This is what the Youth Powerhouse looks like in action. Browse our map below to explore young people's ideas for solving real-world problems!


Please note: location on the map only indicates which city the young person is from.

If you would like to contact a student or student group, please let us know!

Have you come up with or taken action on an idea to make the world a better place? Add it to the map and join a network of youth thinkers!

Looking for a way to get involved? Check out our video to start generating powerful ideas!


  1. Click the plus button in the upper right-hand corner
  2. In the email field, enter your teacher's email address. This is just so we can verify your submission!
  3. In the "Entry Name" field, enter a title for your project or idea, your age, and your first name only
  4. In the location field, enter your city's name
  5. In the description field, describe your idea (and action, if applicable)
  6. Select a category (a "marker") that your idea best fits into. If it does not fit into any of the categories, select "Out of the Box." Please do not upload a photo.
  7. Press the submit button. After verifying your submission, we will publish it to the map and add you to the Youth Powerhouse network!