Get Involved!

Do you believe in the power of youth voice and ideas? We're always looking to connect with enthusiastic youth and adults! If you are excited by any of the opportunities below or want to connect in another way, please contact us.

Join the Mentorship Program

Are you ready to launch your change-making journey? Apply to join the Youth Powerhouse Mentorship Program today! Click here for more information and apply by emailing a completed application to Applications are due October 5, 2018.

Share Your Voice - Become a Writer/Editor!

Youth Powerhouse is excited to partner with the Global Student Editorial, a youth-led news site, to spread your ideas and opinions for creating a better world! Learn more about the organization below, and contact us with questions or to become a writer/editor!

The Global Student Editorial aims to encourage students to analyze and discuss their opinions on prominent topics in current events and news articles. The organization is designed to influence public opinion, promote critical thinking, and propel students to take action on issues that they are passionate about. As the future leaders of the world, every youth should be able to have a voice both in the community and the government. With Global Student Editorial, we aim to give everyone the chance to be inspired, take action, and make an impact in the world.

We are actively looking for editors and writers for the editorial staff of 2018-2019, and we have many job openings as well! Please visit our website to learn more and get involved.

Join (or Advise) The Team

We welcome inquiries from youth, parents, teachers, administrators, and interested adults excited about becoming leaders in youth social action or sharing expertise. Collaborate with us to create a role that matches your interests, skills, and commitment.

We are particularly looking for students and adults with knowledge or skills in the following areas:

  • Website Development
  • Communications/Social Media
  • Filmmaking
  • Youth Development
  • Education & Curriculum Development
  • Service Learning
  • Program Management
Spread the Word!

The more people that know about Youth Powerhouse, the better we can support youth social action! Please link to us, connect on social media, and share with the young people and teachers in your life. Our goal is to connect with every young person interested or already involved in social action!

If you would be interested in sharing Youth Powerhouse postcards with your community, just let us know how many you'd like! We also have a poster for those in the Seattle area.

Share With Us

Have ideas for how we could better support young people's voices and ideas? Please let us know - we're always looking to improve!

Be an Adult Supporter

One of the most important factors in a young person's quest for social impact is having a supportive adult to turn to. Knowing an adult that clearly values their voice and ideas matter can be truly empowering for young people. Here are some ideas from the Youth Powerhouse team:

Family & Friends:

  • Tell the young people you know that their voices and ideas count! Mention us on social media and we'll repost your message.
  • Invite students into conversation about social issues they care about.
  • Offer your guidance and experience. Make sure youth know that you are available to listen to their ideas, answer questions, and help out when you can.
  • If you know a younger child, offer to guide them through the resources on our website. They may need extra support in reading and navigating our database and map.

Teachers & Coaches:

  • Let students know that you believe in the power of their voices and ideas to make a difference
  • Offer to guide and support students interested in taking social action
  • Create projects and lessons that allow students to develop and apply their own ideas for social change (e.g. blogging, inventing to meet a real need)
  • For service-learning projects, have students develop a full understanding of the problem and develop their own solution ideas before taking action
  • Contact Becky for ideas specific to your students!


  • Engage youth input in designing your programs and initiatives
  • Offer feedback and guidance to youth with ideas that support your organization's cause (like those on our map!)
  • Create a youth advisory board that allows young people to participate in decision-making processes
Partner With Us

Does your school or organization support youth social action (or does it want to)? We could be a great match! Youth Powerhouse works with schools and youth organizations to create inspiring workshops on topics from starting action projects to community asset mapping. Youth Powerhouse Leadership Team members are also available for speaking engagements and program consulting. We are always open to exploring other opportunities for connection!

Support Us

Although all team members donate their time and skills, running our website and spreading the word isn't free! We gratefully accept any and all donations made out to Youth Power House, LLC and sent to P.O. Box 3472, Kirkland, WA 98083.