Opportunity Name
Description & URL
Ashoka Youth Venture
Start your own project for social change as part of a group in your school or community. The website also contains fundraising resources for your project.
Teen Action Camp
Join a summer or school-year program and learn about the work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, while starting your own action project and connecting with other young change-makers.
"DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe."
Start a social enterprise on your college campus to end extreme poverty by 2030.
Free the Children
"[We] educate, engage, and empower youth to become active local and global citizens... start a group in your school... local and global leadership programming."
"A wealth of age-appropriate project ideas and resources for youth and families leading their own projects... generationOn Clubs programs equip parents, educators and youth leaders with the tools and resources to implement service projects, share their successes and be recognized for their service."
Join a network of youth-led/youth-serving organizations. Leverages the collective power of youth to change the world by providing info/resources/opportunity for youth to make a difference. People who have youth organizations can join an online community with web-based project management tools and the opportunity for greater visibility.

Global Youth Service Day
Celebrate the positive contributions of young people by organizing a project to make a difference. Example projects in many categories, along with project planning, advocacy, and fundraising resources to get you started.
Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership
Leadership training events and summits that will help you recognize and apply your talents to lead positive change (for high school students).
International Youth Council
Join an international network of youth change-makers.
Kids Go Global
"The skills and resources [Millenial leaders] need to become entrepreneurial and civic leaders... realize [your] leadership potential and create and implement successful social ventures to address community needs."
Peace First
Two guides that will help you get started on your action project. This website also highlights young change-makers, and you can apply to be recognized for your work.
Plus Acumen
Free online courses about leadership and social change; join a network of social change leaders (focus on poverty)
Points of Light/Hands on Network
Civic accelerator for start-ups
Project Empower
Puget Sound Off
"A local online hub for youth-led movements and meaningful dialogue with peers and invested adults in the Seattle area. We offer a safe space for young people to post blogs, photos, videos, audio and resources to connect with their peers on issues they care about most."
Research Science Institute
Accomplished high school students participate in a summer science and engineering program in which they take intensive classes and conduct their own research projects under the tutelage of experienced mentors (apply at; must be a high school junior or the equivalent).
Voices of Youth
"[An] online place for young people to learn more about issues affecting their world... share your thoughts and opinions with thousands of people from all over the world."
More than 30 free programs to help young people around the world discover their passions and gain the skills to take on tomorrow's top industries.
Seattle Young People's Project
"A youth-led, adult supported social justice organization that empowers youth (ages 13-18) to express themselves and to take action on the issues that affect their lives."
Seattle Youth Commission
"A group of 25 Seattleites aged 13-19 from all over the city who are appointed by the Mayor and City Council to connect youth to their elected officials."
Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch
Engage in a Seattle-based business training and pitch competition for social innovation, and connect with business, philanthropic, and nonprofit leaders. Mentoring and training will help you hone your ideas, improve your pitch, and build relationships with potential advisors, donors, investors and partners (ages 16 and older).
! For youth in underserved communities
Spark Action
Tools to help you reach the media with your ideas and opinions on issues you care about.
Sprout Ideas
Take online courses that will help you start your own project for a social problem and learn leadership skills, and connect with a global network of change-makers (ages 16 and up).
Understand and act on the world's greatest challenges. Discuss these problems with other youth around the world, and find many resources for taking action.
The Freechild Project
Connects young people and adults to the tools, training, and technical assistance they need to create new roles for young people throughout society. Find resources online and/or get in-person training.
Start your own project to solve a real-world problem you care about. This website provides youth-friendly tools and services to help, such as project ideas, seed funds, a non-profit umbrella, an app to help with your project, and free consultations.
Hesselbein Global Academy
Engage in dynamic leadership training with distinguished mentors and student leaders from around the world (for college undergraduate and graduate students).
The Compass Fellowship
Join a fellowship through your college that will empower you to develop a social venture as a first-year student.
"A Pre-Startup Mentoring Program for young visionaries... fast learning experiences for a clear understanding of entrepreneurship... a Toolkit to help you understand the [Successify Pre-Startup Framework]."
Media For Change
"We are committed to creating avenues for aspiring media change makers by connecting them to local storytelling opportunities... publishes the stories of storytellers."
Science Buddies
Comprehensive, personalized learning resources and project ideas to help you get started with your own scientific research or engineering.
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
"Young entrepreneurs: SBA has a wide range of resources and programs to help you start, manage and grow your business."
Imagine Cup
"Use [your] imagination and passion to create a technology solution... break new ground, solve tough problems facing the world today, and maybe even turn your ideas into a business."
Do Something
Take on national youth campaigns for social issues you care about.
Global Youth Leadership Initiative
"A year-long program designed to encourage and assist high school students in learning about current global issues while developing leadership skills and raising global awareness among their peers."
Generation Waking Up
Learn about urgent global challenges, find resources to help you start taking action, develop your leadership skills, and collaborate with other youth around the world (ages 16 and up).
One Stone
Join a student-directed nonprofit that will help you become a better leader and make the world a better place. At One Stone, high school students use design thinking to address community needs and challenges, disrupting for good.
"The global leader in developing young leaders and engaging adults and youth in their local and global communities... tools for youth to succeed... a global campaign led by [Nobel Peace] Laureates and youth to engage the world's population in creating 1 Billion Acts of Peace."
Discover a unique, youth-created method to help you identify your passion and pursue your dream visions, and get inspiring advice from other young people.
Ashoka Catapult
Develop your entrepreneurship skills through workshops and mentorships, and be part of launching a startup. School-year and summer programs open to all U.S. high school students; program locations in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York.
Youth Service America
Inspiration, ideas, and many resources such as project guides and grant opportunities to help you start and grow your service-related project.
The Vera Project
A Seattle-based, all-ages, volunteer-fueled music and arts venue that provides resources and opportunities for youth to engage in music and concert production and collaborative community organizing.
Got Green
"Got Green is a grassroots group in the Seattle area led by young adults and people of color that promotes the movement for an equitable, green economy as the best way to fight poverty and global warming at the same time."
Greening Forward
Tools, resources, grants, and events to help young people be a part of creating a more environmentally sustainable world.
One World Youth Project
Bring a program to your university in which you will gain leadership training, facilitate a global issues education program in local middle schools, and engage in a service-learning program.
The World We Want Foundation
"Opportunities to support the next generation of social innovators [in] learning the skills they need... a crowdfunding platform devoted to youth-generated, mentor-guided, vetted social action projects" and "a project-based service-learning framework."
Youth Global Leadership
"Youth Global Leadership is a program for high school students in Boulder County who want to make an impact on a local and international level." Engage in service learning, social entrepreneurship, and/or your own project. To learn more or apply, visit:
Global Changemakers
Fundraising, social media, and project management toolkits to help with your social change project.
"Character-building, service-learning, and environmental stewardship opportunities that encourage integrity (pono) with God (Ke Akua), self and others" (ages 17 and up).
The Mother House Fund
"Seed grants are intended to help teens working with community organizations jumpstart new local or international projects; or continue current projects just gaining momentum, yet already proving of value."
Maine Youth Action Network
Support, inspiration, and resources to help you advocate or start your own action project; leadership training opportunities.
Ways To Help
"Informative videos recorded by young adults about several of today's most pressing issues, simple tips for teens to make a difference in their communities, teen-friendly volunteer opportunities within thousands of non-profit organizations across the United States and now grants to fund original project ideas as well as free downloadable tool kits to help develop those ideas."
Marion County Commission on Youth: Youth Empowerment Team
"The goal of the Youth Empowerment Team is to provide teens with the opportunity to be decision makers in the community. Members will do this through advocating in the community, volunteering, and planning fun and educational events for other youth."
The Open Meadows Foundation
"Open Meadows Foundation is a grant-making organization seeking projects that promote gender/racial/economic justice. The projects must be led by and benefit women and girls, particularly those from vulnerable communities."
Youth Entrepreneurs
"A year-long class that teaches business and entrepreneurial education to high school students, providing experiences that help them prosper and become contributing members of society."
Bellevue Youth Link
Help run a community project through Action Teams, join the Youth Council to lead the organization's projects and participate in monthly service projects, and/or apply for the Youth Link Board to collaborate with City Council members and implement key youth initiatives in the city.
Center for Teen Empowerment
Youth Organizing: "Address serious issues in [your] community by organizing initiatives that involve other youth in creating positive change."
Youth Peace Conferences: "Wrestle with serious issues through theater, dance, music, poetry, video, public speaking, and group discussion sessions." Programs in Boston, MA; Somerville, MA; and Rochester, NY.
Alaska Youth for Environmental Action
"AYEA inspires and trains rural and urban youth leaders to impact environmental issues by providing leadership skills training and supporting youth-led community action projects and campaigns."
"An open innovation platform for social good... [collaborate] as a global community to generate ideas which speak to big global challenges."
National Youth Leadership Council
"Direct trainings, leadership opportunities, and the resources and support to tackle issues that matter to [young leaders] in their communities."
"YES! connects, inspires and collaborates with change-makers to build thriving, just and balanced ways of life for all... Each YES! Jam brings together approximately thirty outstanding young and/or intergenerational changemakers for self discovery, community building and holistic visioning."
"A non-profit organization that provides free one-on-one mentoring for anyone looking to start or grow a business. SCORE also provides a large selection of online resources like business templates, articles and blogposts."
Sustainability Ambassadors
"A professional development program for student, teacher, and community leaders linking curriculum rigor to community relevance. They initiate collective impact campaigns, benchmark improvements in sustainable community conditions, and report progress to peers, parents, professionals and policy makers using the informed voice of youth. Highly motivated students receive year-round, college-level training that prepares them to track, analyze and communicate positive community sustainability trends."
"A global network of youth-run companies, initiatives, nonprofits and organizations seeking to amalgamate and mobilize the resources, innovations and outreach of its members to empower the youth and nurture young entrepreneurs on an international scale... We connect through a variety of platforms and encourage youth from all nations to work together to build a better world."
Washington Trails Association Youth Ambassador Program
After volunteering with the Washington Trails Association, this program provides youth the opportunity to promote and start projects to "[help] hikers explore and protect the wilderness surrounding us."
Funders' Collaborative on Youth Organizing
"A collection of national, regional and local grantmakers and youth organizing practitioners dedicated to advancing youth organizing...resources for young people taking action to build healthy and equitable communities."
The Resolution Project
Hosts Social Venture Challenges (SVCs) at existing youth conferences that identify and empower undergraduate students around the world who wish to launch impactful social ventures. Fellowships are awarded to the most promising leaders and proposals, providing dynamic, hands-on support, mentorship, and seed funding to help them implement their ventures and develop as socially responsible leaders.
Village to Raise a Child
"A program...that identifies and nurtures five young entrepreneurs from around the world [who] are invited to come to Harvard to attend and present their ideas at the annual Igniting Innovation Summit, giving them the tools, skills and resources they need to execute their community-based projects."
Net Impact
College students: Develop leadership and business skills through hands-on opportunities such as dynamic campus leadership programs, student chapters, and campus campaigns. Net Impact provides the network and resources to empower a new generation to drive social and environmental change on campus and throughout their careers.
Global Visionaries
"A school-year-long curriculum for high school students that culminates with a cultural immersion experience in Guatemala... the Global Visionaries (GV) leadership program is a transformational journey of leadership and self-discovery... GV prepares youth to define and address environmental and social injustice in their communities while becoming more aware of their global citizenry."
Clinton Global Initiative University
"Each year, CGI U hosts a meeting where students, university representatives, topic experts, and celebrities come together to discuss and develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges... It is a growing community of young leaders who don't just discuss global challenges - they take real, concrete steps toward solving them."
Brower Youth Awards
"Our New Leaders Initiative hosts the annual Brower Youth Awards, which highlights the amazing accomplishments of young people working for sustainability and provides emerging leaders with mentoring resources."
Youth Empowerment Council
"Our main goal is to help improve the community around us... the youth choose events and projects to sponsor that they believe need change in a positive way."
United Way of Central Indiana
"Advocate for an education, income, health or basic needs cause that you are passionate about...Community Assessments allow all community members to address the needs of Central Indiana.... [Youth As Resources] gives youth a voice and creates a better community for all through volunteering... [Youth Leadership United] allows young people to serve as decision-makers in youth-serving and other nonprofits."
Camp Kindness Counts
A camp that empowers, inspires and enables kids to make a positive impact in their homes, schools, communities and world with their kind actions. Kids have an opportunity to volunteer in their community, learn about people and organizations who positively impact others, solve problems and share ideas through team building activities in after school programs, camps, family volunteer days and workshops!
Experience Music Project Youth Advisory Board
Members directly influence teen programming at EMP Museum, collaborating with local musicians, artists, and community groups and promoting teen programs such as Sound Off! EMP's 21 and under battle of the bands. In addition, youth create original content for The Soundboard, an online social network devoted to the all-ages music scene and actively contribute to EMP events and exhibit openings. Applications closed for 2015-2016 year.
The purpose of Youngchange-Bestchange is to bring together young like-minded individuals through insightful commentary on crucial current events and by promoting activism at a grassroots level. Many individuals want to make a difference, but don't necessarily know where to start. We aim to provide them guidance through our series of informative articles on social change. By educating and inspiring future game-changers, we can shape the world of tomorrow into a better place.
Atlas Corps
"Atlas Corps is an overseas fellowship for the world's best nonprofit leaders... Fellows serve full-time at Host Organizations, develop leadership skills, and learn nonprofit best practices through the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab professional development series and networking opportunities with other Fellows who are skilled nonprofit professionals from around the world."
"Find community-service related grants and scholarships through our website and social media feeds... Our blogs range from inspiring service stories, to tips for receiving a community service grant, to interviews of community service celebrity-advocates... get involved as a VolunTEEN Nation ambassador!"
Maverick Youth
A publication service for young writers to share their opinions on topics they truly care about with an international spectrum of readers who are equally driven. Members can write about anything worth an opinion- economics, politics, sports, poetry- anything at all (*Note: please type in the URL if the link does not work).
Start A Snowball
"Start A Snowball is a non-profit corporation providing support, learning, and funding for kids from ages 5-18 that would like to engage in their own philanthropic endeavor." Apply for a grant for your project, and read stories about what other kids have done with their grants.
Global Youth Ambassador Program
"Travel internationally to experience a grassroots development project first hand and learn about a new culture, gain leadership skills and resources, and meet other like-minded young leaders from around the world who will become your friends and support system."
New Global Citizens
Team NGC is designed to help students create a team of passionate individuals to raise global awareness on their campuses and in their communities, while simultaneously helping a grassroots organization tackle such issues.
UNESCO Online Youth Community
"A platform for young women and men from all over the world to discuss issues that concern them, find solutions together and learn about the latest events and projects taking place at UNESCO and around the world."
Spark the Wave
"Spark the Wave's week long service learning summer camps are among the premier service-leadership training grounds in the United States... Club Wave empowers students to become agents of change in their schools and communities through after-school service clubs."
Young Leaders Network

UF Young Entrepreneurs
"Live, work, eat, and play on the campus of the University of Florida for five weeks each summer while learning about entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, being inspired to solve social problems, and practicing sustainability."
Apprentice Ecologist Initiative
"The goals of the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative are to: elevate youth into leadership roles by engaging them in environmental cleanup and conservation projects, empower young people to rebuild the environmental and social well-being of our communities, [and] improve local living conditions for both citizens and wildlife through education, activism, and action."
Echoing Green
"Echoing Green provides a springboard for realizing your contribution to solving the world's biggest problems... [it] has provided nearly 700 promising social entrepreneurs working in 70 countries with $40 million in start-up funding, customized support services, and access to our global network of champions."
Future Problem Solving Program International
"FPSPI stimulates critical and creative thinking skills, encourages students to develop a vision for the future, and prepares students for leadership roles... it engages students in creative problem solving within the curriculum and provides competitive opportunities." Contact your state's Affiliate Director to get involved.
Leadership+Design Summer
"High school leaders and creatives will cultivate the skills to lead in an era of change... Students work in teams of five to study a real-world problem - and develop a solution as a team." Summer programs in Seattle and New Orleans.
NEJAC Youth Perspectives on Climate Justice Work Group
"Assist the NEJAC in developing advice and recommendations to assist the Agency in developing best practices to address climate change concerns as highlighted from a youth perspective." The application period for this year has ended.
TiE Young Entrepreneurs
"During the program the students form teams, go through classroom session modules focused on different aspects of business and entrepreneurship, then write their own business plans. Teams compete at the chapter level Finals first and the winner of each chapter goes on to the Global Competition."
"Our programs teach valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, business, and financial responsibility while emphasizing the importance of 21st century skills like collaboration, critical thinking, leadership, and creativity. In each program, students work in teams to solve real-world problems."
MIT Think Scholars Program
"We would like to support and encourage students who wish to implement their ideas. Accepted students will receive seed funding, mentorship from the THINK team, and advice from MIT professors and industry professionals."
The Awesome Foundation
"Supports awesome projects through [$1000] micro-grants... awesome projects include initiatives in a wide range of areas including arts, technology, community development, and more."
EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council
"Youth Leadership Council members will have the opportunity to serve in an advisory capacity and gain an understanding of the operations of an international non-profit organization, help expand the impact of EarthEcho's programs, interact with leaders in the fields of conservation, education, and service-learning, gain access to experts and resources to explore personal conservation interests, and may be asked to serve as a youth member on EarthEcho's Board of Directors."
"SciGirls empowers the next generation of scientists and engineers with an engaging combination of real girls exploring real-world science and math alongside successful female mentors in the field... the SciGirls Web site [is] a destination for any girl who is interested in science."
Iowa Student Learning Institute
We believe that being a student does not mean sitting in a desk: the solutions to challenges in education and our communities lie in students, and our job is to unleash that potential. The mission of the Iowa Student Learning Institute is to revolutionize Iowa's approach to education through the power of student voice.
Design for Change USA
"Using our curriculum and web platform, a mentor (teacher/youth leader) leads a team of young people through the process of designing and implementing a social change project in their community."
Minnesota Youth Council
"Minnesota Youth Council is a collaboration of youth and adults working together to empower and mobilize youth across the state to exercise their voices, opinions and ideas to take action on youth issues."
A six-year, year-round program for youth aged 12-18, bringing together Jewish, Muslim, and Christian youth in Israel/Palestine and North America. The program includes summer camps, overnight seminars, and after-school programs on the themes of interfaith dialogue, leadership, and social action. Through Kids4Peace, youth take charge of their own future, building peace in their communities and around the world.
MOHAI Youth Advisors
A place for high school students (ages 14-18) to investigate, explore, and be empowered to create a more teen-friendly museum. MYA meets twice a month, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the museum, and planning events and opportunities for teens at MOHAI. Applications closed for 2017.
"A unique, interactive platform that connects high school students with professors and advisors who are dedicated to assisting them [in scientific research]."
Jefferson Awards
Join three exciting programs that develop young leaders. Lead 360 "makes service easy-to-do, fun and accessible by seeking outstanding youth ideas and replicating the best nationwide." Students in Action "trains young leaders, helping them discover the issues they care about and providing tools for maximum measurable impact." GlobalChangers is an "incubator for young social entrepreneurs, multiplying their impact through mentorship, training and a strong support network."
Washington Legislative Youth Adivsory Council
"The Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) is the official voice for young people to the state legislature on all policy relating to youth. LYAC members interact directly with legislators and other public officials throughout the year and also provide educational workshop presentations at youth events across the state!"
International Youth Foundation
Youth Action Net "supports young social entrepreneurs who have pioneered innovative solutions to urgent global challenges."
Youth Science Alliance
"The Youth Science Alliance is a student-run organization and network focused on advocating and enabling youth's usage of science as a vehicle for positive change. Through virtual idea summits, new techniques, findings, and proposed regulations will be discussed and debated. Through outreach events and workshops, the alliance aims to encourage students who are not yet young scientists to realize the power that science has, and in addition show students how science 'skills' can be used in the real world."

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