pow-er-house (n.) a person or group with great energy, strength, or potential for success

(Random House Webster's College Dictionary)

UPDATE: June 2017

Please read this letter about the team's changing involvement with Youth Powerhouse as they head off to college in the fall.

The Project

Youth Powerhouse strives to harness the energy and creative potential of young people to catalyze positive change. By providing a database of helpful tools, crowdsourcing a map of youth ideas and action, and highlighting additional tips through social media, we hope to empower our generation to join the change-making movement.

We envision a world in which young people are not asked to write their names on the sign-up sheet, but to voice their ideas over the loudspeaker.

Why Youth?

Young people can change the world when they put their minds to it - and our team is living proof of that! Not only do youth have the creativity and perspective to develop fresh ideas, but we also have the determination to improve the conditions that we see and learn about in the world. Our only obstacle is not knowing where to find the guidance and support we need, and Youth Powerhouse is out to change that!

Our Impact

"I found a lot of helpful organizations for my venture, and they were easy to find through Youth Powerhouse." - Youth Powerhouse workshop participant

Youth Powerhouse has been active in the local community and across the country. Our database has been searched more than 800 times, and we have connected with six schools in the Seattle area. We have led presentations and workshops for students, educators, and the general public in conjunction with organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Ashoka.

The Team

Youth Powerhouse was created 100% by youth, for youth. Meet our fantastic team of visionaries, action-takers, and youth enthusiasts below!

Becky S Yuqing L Hannah W Sophie C Polly H

Becky S, National Director:

Becky is passionate about empowering young people to change the world. She co-founded the "Students Taking Action" club at her middle school, in which students collaboratively design projects to address problems in their communities. During her freshman year, she co-founded a similar club based on Ashoka's Youth Venture program, from which the Youth Powerhouse project was born. Her other interests include running, playing the viola, learning about social innovation, and co-chairing the Seattle Youth Commission. After taking a gap year traveling to Berlin and Toulouse, Becky will attend college at the University of Chicago.

Yuqing L, Regional Director, U.S. South:

Yuqing has a passion for youth empowerment, and she believes that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue his or her hopes and dreams. She is the president and founder of her community’s Girl Talk, Girl Up, and We Care Chapter. She recently received a grant to expand her charity work to nearby regions. This year, she is also serving on the National 1000 Dreams Girls Fund to help girls all around the world reach their goals and motivate them to keep shooting for the stars. She saw Youth Powerhouse as an opportunity to make an even greater impact in her region and has been working with the organization to empower youth everywhere ever since. Yuqing enjoys classical piano, track, research, reading classics, attending political conferences, delivering food for local soup kitchens, and traveling the world.

Hannah W, Web Developer:

Hannah is the other co-founder of the aforementioned clubs and led them along with Becky. She saw Youth Powerhouse as an opportunity to combine two of her favorite things: HTML/CSS coding, which was used to create this website, and social change. If she is not busy learning new programming languages, she may be found rowing, playing guitar, crocheting, stargazing, or sleeping, though usually not all at once. Hannah will attend Princeton University.

Sophie C, Designer:

Sophie has always been motivated to change the world. In middle school, she participated in BLOCK (Beaver Lake Outreach Community Kids), a club that donated supplies to impoverished children in Africa. She saw Youth Powerhouse as a new opportunity to contribute in high school, and has been working with the organization ever since. Sophie enjoys graphic design, so the role of designer was a perfect fit! Her other hobbies include playing the violin and piano, running, reading, and writing. Sophie will attend Princeton University.

Polly H, Outreach Coordinator:

Polly's schools' dedication to promoting social justice and awareness prompted her involvement with this group. She believes that everyone has epic potential for positive change and wants Youth Powerhouse to encourage more people to harness that power. When not publicizing this fantastic website, Polly is cooking, utilizing Khan Academy, playing soccer, doing crew, or reading. She will attend Tufts University.